MODUS VIVENDI presents Pied De Poule Line and the “City Lights” Campaign inspired by city lights temptation. An elegant and seductive line for everyone, designed to capture the rhythm of city lights. Iconic notes of Pied de Poule, captivate with a vibrant, hypnotic sparkle. Head-turning garments evoke mystery and desire; a velvet and sophisticated composition that seduces with its magnetic allure. A campaign exclusively dedicated to create statement pieces that exude sensuality, confidence and a sense of glamour.

Pied de poule is an essential for nights out, but also for casual days. Designs that surely fire way to look sexy, yet classy, without giving up comfort. For those who want to shake up their personality and set the night on fire, look no further. A line to assist you create a sexy and unique style that’s perfect for late night inspirations.

Looking for a seductive and sexy outfit? These dazzling mesh pied de poule garments are the answer. With transparency that matched with the mystery of the velvet print, leave all the rest up to fantasy. Choose your favorite style and let the night to take the blame, whether the poule will become coq. Perfectly tailored to a body-hugging fit, it’s an ideal choice for a night out. A line to accentuate any outfit with an irresistibly sexy touch.

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Photography: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol
Videography: Atico Norte Producciones @aticonorteproducciones
Model: Leonardo Hanna Azrak @leonardohazrak
Location: Madrid, Spain