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MODUS VIVENDI presents the “Forest” Campaign inspired by tropical feelings. Summer is the perfect time to get out of the city and explore nature. That’s why “Forest” Campaign will be an exciting new journey to encourage people to take a break from their everyday lives and go on an adventure in the tropical forests of the world. Let’s bring some tropical vibes into your summer swimsuits and make fashion fun, inspiring, and adventurous.

“Forest” Campaign is a unique initiative that celebrates the beauty of tropical forests while touching back with nature. Time to encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors and explore nature in style. A perfect campaign for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find peace in the tranquil beauty of nature.

Tiger Swimwear Line from the “Forest” Campaign features trendy prints inspired by tropical forests, perfect for any summer adventure. Animal prints that represent the calmness of nature, as well as vibrant colors that evoke a feeling of summer life. With this campaign, we want to make everyone feel connected to nature while wearing fashionable pieces that will make them stand out in any situation.

Join us this summer, feel the adventurous spirit pass right through you and experience the power of fashion combined with the beauty of nature! Prints impossible to resist!

Discover “Forest” Campaign here.
Shop and explore Tiger Swimwear Line products here.


Photography / Videography: Gastohn Barrios @gastohn.barrios
Model: Vitor Castro @vitorcastrojj
Executive Production: Matias Santos
Video Camera: Luiz Júnior
In-Site Producer: Flávio Jardim
Stylist: Sergio Araneo
Accesories: Amsterdã Jóias @amsterdajoias
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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