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Brandon Cole Bailey has hit the industry by storm and he’s just getting started. He has already published his own book, appeared on magazine covers, and campaigns he has already become a major force in the industry. How does he keep that incredible “Ken” body and what does he wear to bed? Read on to find out!

First things first, let’s get some basics out of the way. What are your stats (age, height & weight, hair & eye color)?
I am 5’11” with brown hair and blue eyes.

In one sentence, describe Brandon.
I like to live life always striving to be more and achieve more in a positive realm with a smile on my face.

At what age did you start modeling and why/how did you come to choose modeling?
I started modeling at the age of fifteen when I was scouted to be a greeter for Hollister and then shot my first shoot in LA. The same shoot that my amazing Mother Agent Kira Alexander discovered me through.

You have shot with many top industry photographers. Tell us what you consider to be a few highlights of your career thus far.
I think one of the biggest highlights would be shooting with the amazing Damon Baker who is a true inspiration.

Have you reached your dream assignment yet? If not, what would that dream assignment be?
It’s hard to say that I have a dream assignment as every job is a part of my dream and goals.

You have a fantastic body! What do people say is your best physical feature? What about your body would u change?
I think that people would say that my abdomen is my best physical feature. I would really like to just maintain my current physical status.

How do you keep that “Ken” body in such amazing shape?
I work out several days a week doing full body workouts. I naturally have taste buds for healthy foods such as chicken and really enjoy peanut butter protein shakes but cookies and cream never hurt anyone haha.

Do you ever feel timid or shy in front of the camera?
In front of the camera I feel at home because I can be any persona I want to portray at the time being and can escape from anything that may be going on in my life while shooting. Also, photos are like art every photo tells a story and there is nothing more I enjoy than telling a story through the image that has been taken of me. Being in front of the camera feels like a dream.

You recently published a Coffee Table book. What inspired you to create the book? Where can it be purchased?
I was inspired to create the book so I can share a more personal experience with my friends, family, fans and followers. The book can be purchased on my website, or Amazon.

What are your interests outside of modeling?
I enjoy learning new things each and everyday, meeting new people and most importantly spending time with friends and family.


  • US city: NYC
  • Country to visit: Germany
  • TV show: Amy Schumer
  • Musical act/group: Cher
  • Bedtime Attire: Nothing

Besides a nice body and skilled photographer, what are the keys to making a photo hot & exciting?
The key is to tell a story and to do it to create art. If you go into a shoot just for the fame or publicity it won’t be as good as going in with a proper purpose.

You’re on YouTube as well, what kinds of things do you discuss there? What can our readers expect to see if they visit your channel?
My channel focuses on how being different is okay and make everyone their own unique entity. Unique is beautiful.

Social media plays a big part in your career, how has it helped you create your image in the industry?
Social Media is the next big thing more and more the modeling industry has started to shape around social media. I would have to say for anyone in the business creating a following is very important in any branding. Creating a brand helps to show people who you truly are as a person on a more personal level.

Are there any big projects in the works that you can tell us about?
Many big projects in the works but I like to keep them a surprise where’s the fun without a good surprise.

If you hadn’t become a model, what else do you think you would be doing?
When I was in high school I graduated early and entered college at fifteen with the aspiration of becoming a neurosurgeon.

How can our readers keep up with you on social media?
My social media handles are:

  • Instagram: ITSREALLYKEN and BrandonColeBailey
  • Twitter: BrandonCBailey1
  • Facebook Page: Brandon Cole Bailey
  • Youtube: Brandon Cole Bailey: Diary of a Misfit Model
  • Website:nyc

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