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MODUS VIVENDI proudly present the sequel of Muslin Line, Muslin Line Vol. II and the “Wedding” Campaign from Spring – Summer 23 Collection inspired by the celebration of love and inclusivity. Time has arrived for all mankind to celebrate the freedom of love. Serving transparency in every aspect of social life, provocative double layered muslin designs are available to cover all your body in the most revealing, yet minimal way.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It has the power to free people, to make them brave enough to break down walls between them and their wedding dreams. Love as we know it, sees no color or gender. When love is blind, it lasts forever. So, MODUS VIVENDI has prepared the perfect designs for your special day.

Wedding season is upon us and all the newlyweds need to look their best. Love is like a muslin fabric: light as air, soft to the touch and easy to wear. Live your best life, with the fabric that lets you wear it how you want.

It’s 100% muslin! It’s revealing, soft, lightweight and made of the sexiest muslin ever imagined. An absolute wedding gift to totally remember! If you have a passion for sheer fabrics or you are a mesh lover, these new MODUS VIVENDI designs will put your body on full exposure. All styles feature some revealing muslin fabric that offer minimum coverage. Choose the cut that suits you and live happily ever after!

Love is freedom. Love is choice.


Photographer: Joan Crisol @joan_crisol
Models: Miguel @migueletre & Jesus @jesus_extre
Videographer: Atico Norte Producciones @aticonorteproducciones
Campaign: The Wedding
Line: Muslin Vol. II
Location: Madrid, Spain

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