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MODUS VIVENDI presents the “Rainbow” Campaign which is inspired by inclusivity and human’s desire of dreaming their absolute and ideal life goals that they want to conquer. Everyone has a different dream. Inclusivity is the beauty of it all. It’s time to free your mind and let the clouds levitate you. Inclusive Line has just dropped to assist you keep on chasing your dreams with colorful vibes.

Believing that everyone should be free to do what they love, this line will definitely help you pursue your dreams and make them even more colorful. Let yourself go sometime and dream on the little kid that every single human being hides within.

Inclusive Line released to color your world. Every single piece is inspired by the whole color palette, offered on updated silhouettes, serving the need of a statement that in MODUS VIVENDI world, all human beings are included. Pop up the clouds and dream of your iconic self. Choose your favorite inclusive product, play, feel and enjoy life at fullest.

Explore bold and lavish designs, with low rise and tight fit. Underwear made of smooth elasticated printed fabric featuring a signature MODUS VIVENDI jacquard waistband and some of them with a sewn holographic logo label. Versatile tops and provocative singlet, matched with jeans or jogger pants for a casual and unique athleisure look are here to refresh and color your wardrobe.

Discover “Rainbow” Campaign here.
Shop and explore Inclusive Line products here.


Photography/Videography: Panos Misailidis @p2photographygr
Model: Sifis Farantakis @sifis__farantakis
Styling: Stefanos Kapsalis @stefano_kap
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

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